❅ ℒet it go...
et it go...
an't hold it back anymore
ℭold ℋeart
ℳysterious winter ℓover. ❅
ℳy name is ℰlsa.
ℐ'm Princess of Arendelle,
The Snow Queen and just the lost soul.
{Independent RP blog for Elsa / FC - Emilia Clarke / Multiship/ Multiverse. Both Mun and Muse of age, so it can be NSWF, but it'll be hidden. }

May I just have your attention for one more time? How can be bad the one, who have been hurt?

"Monster!" they cried.

As Elsa unwillingly hurt her little sister Anna, she hated herself so much for that, she was constantly wearing the gloves, she didn’t dare to touch her sister and was trying to avoid her, not do harm. 

As soon as people learnt that Elsa was the Snow Queen,  they called her monster and hurt her again.  They didn’t think how to help her, they were thinking only about themselves. 

Sad true of our live.

There was no one to blame, that she was born with such abilities. But they were blaming Elsa.

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